2013, theatre show, available everywhere

Inspired by real life and Christine Artsen’s fairytale: “The Queen Of Kisses” (Patakis Publications).

A tender and imaginative show for very young children (2-6 y.o). The struggle between the child’s need for its mother’s full attention and the mother’s need to work is depicted through this show.

An actor, a 40cm direct-movement puppet, muppet dolls who rise through the skirt of the mother, scenery interacting with the audience…A visual show full of humor, colors and music.

The show is about a mother who’s torn between her job and the care of her young son, who, of course, requires her full attention. When the mother feels that he needs her close to him, she abandons her job so that the two can go on a fantastic journey, to help him become more self-reliant.

A workshop of Theatrical Game and Emotion Exploring about the temporal separation between child and mother follows the end of the show. Children can express feelings of separation by playing-therapy techniques, theatrical games and painting that will all end up in the “Heart” to reach out to their emotions.

Direction, stage design, script, manufactures, performance: EmmanouelaKapokaki.

Dramaturgic treatment, play-therapy applications, pedagogical counselor: AristeaKontrafouri

Music: Kostas Beveratos and VassilikiKrithara.

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