The Sugarkneaded

Ages: 5-15

Based on the traditional fairy tale of Mani: “Taro and the Sugarkneaded” translated by Athena Biniou (Patakis Publications)

Taro will make her dream man out of flour. But Sugarkneaded has a desire that the Tarot does not respect, resulting in losing him. Seeking him makes her mature as a woman and prepares her to create with him a happy family.

Actor, a human-sized doll, a muppet combined with human body members, gadgets, short-handed puppets, two-dimensional figures and mechanical toys, finger-rings in a dance between body, stage and puppets give birth to a fairytale atmosphere with humor and sensitivity.

Direction, scenography, script, construction, performance: Emmanouela Kapokaki

Music: Kostas Beveratos


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