The Snowman who didn’t want to melt

A show inspired by Manos Kontoleon’s story.

A poetic story with an actor and puppets, which begins during winter and talks about the cycle of water through all of the seasons, linking it with the cycle of human life.

A boy will make a snowman and love him a lot! The snowman, however, will escape in order to avoid melting. Despite his effoerts, the sun melts him by the river. He then evaporates and eventually turns into rain. By the next winter he ends up on the same spot on earth, as snow, and is greatly surprised to realise that the very same boy has made him into a snowman once again. Time passes. The snowman’s water cycle and the boy’s life cycle will entwine once again as they meet again at a very old age.

Discussion with the children through the show’s scenery about the cycle of water, the cycle of human life and the puppets follows the end of the show.

Suitable for children between 2 – 8 years old.

A workshop can follow so that children can construct a snowman puppet, using a bottle of water and recyclable ingredients.

Scientific supervision: Assistant. Prof. Christos Karavitis,

Water Resources Management,

Department of Physical Chemistry and Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural University of Athens and Puppet Art Theater “PrasseinAloga”

Courtesy of the Press: PATAKIS Publications

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